In this play-based camp, a sensory-motor based approach will be utilized to teach children social skills and emotional regulation. Children will be paired up according to age and social skill areas in need of support. Groups will target skill enhancement in the following areas: making and keeping friends, entering play, appropriate play, showing good sportsmanship, flexibility in play, physical and emotional regulation during play and expressing and understanding feelings during play.

Children will work together to build obstacle courses, concoct slime and to create crafts and "tools" for their self-regulation "toolboxes". At the end of the week, each child will take home a Self-Regulation "glossary" to share with their parents as well as their own "tool box" for self-regulation. 

  • July 16th - July 20th (Mon-Fri) 11:15am-1:15 pm $360 FULL
  • July 23rd- 27th (Mon-Fri) 11:15am-1:15 pm $360 FULL (1 spot left for children entering 3rd-5th grade)
  • August 6th-10th (Mon-Fri) 11:15am-1:15 pm $360 (2 spots left for children entering 2nd-4th grade)

Complete this registration form to enroll. Placement is not guaranteed until payment in full is received. 

This group is designed for children who need help with handwriting skill due to fine-motor and visual-motor difficulties. We will be utilizing the Size Matters Handwriting curriculum to accelerate progress toward handwriting proficiency. The group structure is play-based and will include:

  • Challenging and FUN gross motor obstacle courses to increase body awareness, improve left/right discrimination, increase upper extremity and hand strength, improve sensory integration skills and develop overall coordination

  • Multi-surface mazes to improve visual motor integration skills

  • Handwriting practice on specialized paper to improve letter placement on the lines, size and spacing, orientation of letters (reduce reversals), as well as formation of letters

  • Writing and following recipes for making SLIME and other gooey things

*The handwriting portion of the group is disguised as FUN and will not appear to children to be the only focus of the group. Children will spend the week climbing, drawing and writing out recipes and will finish off each day by following their recipes and creating something gooey to take home. 

  • July 16th - July 20th (Mon-Fri) 9am-11am $360 FULL
  • July 23rd- 27th (Mon-Fri) 9am-11am $360 FULL
  • August 6th-10th (Mon-Fri) 9am-11am $360 

Complete this registration form to enroll. Placement is not guaranteed until payment in full is received.