Additional Clinic Services

Capital Kids offers individual and group sessions with experienced occupational therapy aides and clinic staff for:

  • children who need additional support with handwriting, social skills and motor coordination in addition to their regularly scheduled therapy

  • children who do not require therapy services with an occupational therapist or speech pathologist but can benefit from a boost in skills or skill maintenance

  • children who have graduated from services but would benefit from additional support to maintain skills

**Children must be pre-qualified and approved for all additional clinic-based services with our therapy staff to ensure appropriate placement. These services cannot replace needed Occupational and Speech therapy services for children who require therapy but are not being seen. The service are meant to augment or support therapeutic services or can be offered when professional services are not needed.

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Handwriting support

Handwriting sessions with our clinical aide staff work on all of the underlying skills necessary for developing functional handwriting. Whether your child is just learning to write or could use a little boost in formation or legibility, we offer research-based support one-on-one or in groups.

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Social skills

We offer individual, dyad and small group sessions to work on social skills. Our approach is play based and we use cooperative games to work on taking turns, sharing, making and keeping friends and understanding socially appropriate behavior.

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motor skills

Through obstacle course play, ball play, fine motor and gross motor games, we can help boost or maintain motor skills for all children. We offer individual play based sessions, dyads and small groups. All equipment and methods in our clinic are chosen and overseen by our occupational therapy staff in order to best support development.