"Capital Kids changed my families life for the better when both my kids started attending their integrated Zones Occupational Therapy sessions.  I saw immediate results at home with calmer kids on the day of the class and overall better coping strategies in dealing with what life throws at us.  My kids always looked forward to going and enjoyed the multisensory activities and take home projects.  Capital Kids was instrumental to getting my family back on track and teaching my sensory seeking, ADHD kids how to navigate this busy world.  I found OT at CK more helpful than child therapy or counseling."

*Colleen K. Sacramento Ca.

Carolyn Stallings has been a pleasure to work with over the years.  She cares about her students more than any other OT that I’ve ever collaborated with and this includes not only supporting students in their efforts to access the core curriculum, but their sensory needs, as well.  Carolyn is always considering holistic strategies that she can implement to make children’s lives better.

*Allison Lerch, Inclusion Specialist at DJUSD

Capital Kids Occupational Therapy continues to be a great partner for Robla School District! 

Their work with our students is focused and engaging; classroom teachers appreciate their consult!

Evaluations are timely and followed up with well-presented reports at IEP meetings.

The Robla Community: staff, students and families love working with Capital Kids!

*Laura Lystrup, Director

Early Learning & Special Education Programs, Robla SD